“Everyone deserves to have a say in their own life, even if it requires a different way of communicating.”

Better care can be achieved by thinking, deciding and acting together and learning from one another. That’s why I prefer to focus on co-creation projects which involve the end user. In addition, I often use an iterative process in my work, in which you try a lot of things in small steps, reflect on the results and make improvements.


Researcher eHealth

I am a hybrid designer and researcher, always curious, critical and enthusiastic. I enjoy working in co-creation projects with various target groups around e-health themes, healthcare technology and diversity. Working together by trying things out together and learning from each other is central to this. I believe everyone in our diverse society has valuable input and deserves to be heard.


  • Digital co-creation sessions with informal care givers
  • Co-creation with people with NAH
  • Creative working methods according to Design Thinking methodology