“Empower people and you will receive good care.”

Care supports life. A little help or support means a lot to people with a long-term illness or disability. Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role here. Thanks to new innovations, a person is less and less dependent, communication with others is becoming easier and multidisciplinary collaboration is improving.



Board Secretary

My training in advice & change in healthcare and my work experience in various healthcare organisations have taught me to bring technology and healthcare closer together. My strength lies in making change workable, thinking in terms of solutions and showing determination. I am recognised for my enthusiasm, creative spirit and capacity to add value both at an administrative level and on the work floor.

I see this as a challenge to organise healthcare better – together with professionals and clients. To enhance the life of the client through care and support, to facilitate employees and to set up the care organisation to deliver on this goal. For example, professional and client now work together with a digital care plan and keep each other continuously informed online. This creates opportunities to organise healthcare even better – together with the client and his environment instead of on behalf of the client. When the professional and the client are both empowered, they provide good care together.


  • Assists both directors with advice and action in strategic issues; and employees and clients in practical learning.
  • I know everything about client-oriented working and the way in which digital client files, care and support plans and patient portals can support this.
  • I has proven myself as a driver of change within several large healthcare organisations.