“More creativity, more research and more courage!”

I am amazed at the fact that we all live in the same world, but that some people experience and interpret that world in a completely different way. For example, people with dementia or autism. For me, the challenge is to find out what that means in their daily lives and how we can respond to this with our designs and projects.


Senior Researcher

Applying supportive technology properly in healthcare is a challenge. But it is necessary if we want to keep healthcare high-quality and affordable. In order to achieve this, we have to meet with multidisciplinary teams. We need to build a bridge between technicians and healthcare workers. With my background (Human-Technology Interaction) I am happy to contribute to this. At Vilans I have the space to ask critical questions in order to keep the development of eHealth and technology in healthcare sharp.

User-centred design
In order to make good choices in the infinitely wide range of techniques, thorough research of the target group is required. The projects must provide ample scope for reflection and evaluation with both the care provider and the care recipient. That requires creativity and guts. In addition, I find it important to keep a close eye on relevant developments within and outside the healthcare field.


  • Lead researcher in several European development projects (such as the Happy Walker project and eWare)
  • Developed the Vilans research boxes and regularly conducts contextual interviews in people’s homes: Discover values ​​and needs of clients
  • Enjoys the challenge of working with organisations on meaningful technology using imaginative methods: Exploring new developments with the Future Exposition
  • Carries out part-time PhD research at the TU/e on co-design methodologies for involving people with dementia in technology development.