Improving the efficacy of loneliness interventions

Scientific research has produced substantial information about loneliness interventions. However, professionals (and volunteers) involved in the development and implementation of loneliness interventions have difficulty accessing this information. Applying scientific insights can help to increase the effectiveness of loneliness interventions. 

Vilans researcher, Tamara Bouwman, Theo van Tilburg of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Eric Schoenmakers of Hogeschool Fontys, and Sanne van Loosdrecht (former Master student healthy ageing) have put together a practical guide that can be used in improving the efficacy of loneliness interventions.

An information overview and worksheet

This practical guide contains an overview of recent and available information on loneliness interventions. It describes sub-goals, active elements and general active elements for loneliness interventions. Also included is a worksheet that can be used in the development and evaluation of loneliness interventions.

The aim is to challenge developers, owners and implementers of interventions to make interventions more focused and substantiated. Through continuous critical thinking, evaluation and adjustment, the quality of an intervention improves – and better suits – the complex issue of addressing loneliness.

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Practical Guide – Improving the Efficacy of Loneliness Interventions

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