A European AAL project Guardian

Vilans participates in the European AAL Guardian project. With national and international collaboration partners, we are developing a care robot that will ease the care burden on caregivers.

The aim of the Guardian project is to develop a care robot that supports seniors and caregivers. The Guardian robot will be more widely deployable and a lot more advanced than existing models. For example, it contains sensors that can create an accurate image of the house like a radar. In this way the informal carer knows from a distance where his family member has fallen, and will be able to direct the robot to the location and establish a speech-image connection via the robot.

The robot is being developed in co-creation with seniors and caregivers. We are collaborating with them to assess which functionalities really have added value. For instance, information about the well-being of the person, general daily activities, a health analysis, and focus on fall prevention. Unique to this project is that we have included business modeling and ethical issues from the start.

Contact for this project:
Henk Herman