Bundle of technology i-evAALution

The aim of i-evAALution is to support people above 65 years to live longer independently at home. For this purpose, research groups and companies from Austria, Italy, Slovenia and the Netherlands will work together to bundle different technical solutions which are developed in former AAL-projects.

The bundle consists of a GPS-watch with SOS function and fall detection (2PCS), a home automation system (via Innogy and Amazon echo), a tablet with entertainment and communication functions (NurseTab) and a social platform where you can get in touch with others in the neighborhood to meet and support each other (Helferbörse).

i-evAALution evaluation

The planned smart AAL bundle of i-evAALution will be implemented for long-term evaluations (16 months ongoing) in 405 households in Austria, Italy, Slovenia and the Netherlands. The goal of the multicentre randomized controlled trial is to gain insight in the effect on quality of life of the users and their informal caregivers. Vilans is asked to participate in the project for their expertise in co-design and to coordinate the evaluation of the bundle in the Netherlands.

Contact for this project:
Henk Herman