Contribute to an international guidebook for integrated care

Are you an academic in the field of integrated care? Or do you have knowledge about integrated care solutions? In these cases, the editorial team invites you to submit a proposal for a writing contribution.

The title is ‘How to deliver Integrated Care – A guidebook for managers’ and will be part of the Emerald Series ‘Delivering Change in European Healthcare’. The editorial team is led by Henk Nies, director of Vilans, and Axel Kaehne, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Integrated Care.

A reflection of international knowledge of integrated care

The editorial team is particularly interested in contributions from teams of academics and practitioners of integrated care solutions. This ensures relevant contributions that help program managers, program planners and commissioners implementing integrated care. The editorial team strives for an international composition of writing teams ensuring a good reflection of international knowledge. Each writing team will be assigned one of the following sections: designing, implementing or evaluating programs for integrated care. However, the editorial team also appeals to potential authors who want to contribute mainly to specific chapters.

Read the extensive instruction

Do you want to participate?

Send a CV and a brief summary (not more than 500 words) to Henk Nies ( or Axel Kaehne ( with your suggestions for the writing team, which chapter or section you would like to work on, some details about possible content and how you would approach the writing. The deadline for expressions of interest is 1 October 2018. The guidebook will be presented at the annual EHMA conference (European Health Management Association) in June 2020.

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