Contribute to Dementia Lab 2019!

Dementia Lab 2019 aims to improve the quality of life of people with dementia by facilitating discussion among designers, researchers, care professionals and other people involved. The event will take place on 21 and 22 October in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We invite you to participate by submitting a contribution.

‘Making design work: Engaging with dementia in context’ is the subject of Dementia Lab 2019 that is being organised by the University of Technology in Eindhoven, in cooperation with Vilans and ‘Alzheimer Nederland (Netherlands)’. Ever since it was established in 2016, Dementia Lab has been a growing community building on a legacy of work done for, and with people living with dementia and their environment. Our starting point is an inclusive, participatory and person-centred perspective. We also examine the use of technology, services and the environment because they all contribute to good care, wellbeing and quality of life for people with dementia. This is important because the number of people with dementia is vastly increasing, while prevention research is lagging behind.


Would you like to participate? And does your submission reflect upon how design and research develop in relation to living, working and caring for people with dementia? Then, you should submit your contribution before 18 May. We welcome contributions from researchers, designers, care professionals and others in the industry. Types of submissions:

• Full academic paper: 6–10 pages (We aim to publish a selection of papers in a special issue of a relevant journal).
• Demo exhibition & poster presentation: 2-4 pages plus demonstration and/or poster.
• Personal story: 2-4 pages plus oral presentation.

Possible submission topics:
• How a design affects the environment, caregivers or family members of the person with dementia, or how it influences the person with dementia.
• Which visual, olfactory or other materials work for and with people with dementia in relation to their environment.
• What is necessary for design and research to have a sustainable impact on people with dementia.

Please submit your contributions. Personal stories can be submitted to Submissions for posters, demos or personal stories are allowed both in English and Dutch. You can use the Taylor & Francis article template for contributions other than the personal stories. Submissions will be reviewed by experts in the field, based on relevance to the conference. You will receive our feedback after 1 June.

Dementia Lab2019 is also open to visitors who do not submit contributions. Registration will begin later this year.

Rens Brankaert ( & Wijnand IJsselsteijn, TU/e
Henk Herman Nap & Sandra Suijkerbuijk, Vilans
Dinant Bekkenkamp, Alzheimer Nederland
Niels Hendriks & Andrea Wilkinson, Dementia Lab Belgium

Contact for this project:
Henk Herman

Senior advisor