Data privacy discussed at IFIC webinar on Digital Health Enabling Integrated Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated innovations in digital health. Although there is an increasing array of digital solutions now available, it is not always clear how these technologies enable integrated care activities. Furthermore, new solutions present unique challenges in developing and evaluating these technologies. The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) addressed some of the challenges on 2nd November during the second session of its webinar series titled, “Where do we go from here? Leveraging rapid transformation in response to COVID-19.”

Who owns data?

Participating in the webinar was Vilans Director of Strategy and Development, Prof. Henk Nies who facilitated the session together with Leo Lewis, Senior Associate at IFIC. They were joined by researchers and health experts from Germany, Canada and New Zealand who explored the state of digital health adoption in integrated care. The panelists also discussed findings from a recent scoping review of the literature and shared practical examples of implementation successes.

During the discussion, the panel addressed the issue of ownership of patient data. Prof. Nies agreed that this was an important issue that is being addressed in the Netherlands.

“We are experimenting at the moment, with the patient being the owner of his/her medical data. Patients are the first ones to benefit from technology, so I think this is the right solution.” He elaborated by saying that for this to work there is a need for standardisation of communication which can become complicated when there are multiple care partners. He emphasised that implementing digital health is a social endeavour. Those who are involved need to trust each other, build relations, deal with different values and be adaptive and agile themselves.”

Prof. Henk Nies, Vilans Dir. Strategy and Development

This session was organised in partnership with the SIG and the European Health Management Association as part of the recent launch of the EMHA book: How to deliver Integrated Care – A guidebook for managers (Emerald Series Edited Book).

The series is being organised by IFIC’s Special Interest Group (SIG) on Digital Health Enabling Integrated Care in an effort to develop a clear understanding of the role digital solutions play in the delivery of integrated care and to enable the spread of effective digital health solutions across organisational and geographic boundaries.

Watch the webinar

The discussion concerning patient data and privacy can be found at 01:16:00 of the video.

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