Gerontechnology in dementia care

Technology is driving improvements in day-to-day living for older persons. In addition to the more obvious innovations in health monitoring and diagnosis, technological innovations are also being used to assist older people with everyday tasks, such as taking medicine on time or keeping in touch with family and friends.

These solutions fall under the field of Gerontechnology, which the International Society for Gerontechnology defines as: the design of technology and the environment for independent living and social participation of older persons in good health, comfort and safety.

Vilans Senior Researcher, Henk Herman Nap is an expert on gerontechnology in dementia care and its role in helping to creating efficiencies in home care for older people and easing the burden on care givers and family members.

On 27 May, Dr. Nap presented on the topic as part of an international panel of experts at a webinar organised by the Active Ageing Consortium Asia Pacific (ACAP). From the Netherlands, he was joined by President of the International Society of Gerontechnology, Prof. Helianthe Kort of Eindhoven University of Technology and Utrecht University.

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The webinar was titled, “Gerontechnology – a solution for independent living” and drew an audience from 23 countries.





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