GUARDIAN robot at ISG 2022

With a decreasing number of care professionals to care for an ageing global population, many people are being left out of the healthcare system. A key solution lies in using assistive technologies to support informal caregivers to help them achieve an active and positive working life.

It is a challenge that is actively engaging many eHealth experts who came together at the recent International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG) 2022 conference in Daegu Korea to discuss innovations and best practices in healthcare robotics and AI.

We need to work more remotely

Together with fellow researcher, Dirk Lukkien, Vilans eHealth expert, Henk Herman Nap presented his research and progress on co-design, AI developments and Responsible Innovation. He says we need to change course and work more remotely via digital channels. 

“Long-term care does not sufficiently apply technology yet. We must learn faster together and give an impulse to knowledge on the implementation of technology in care and support!”

Henk Herman Nap, Senior Researcher, Vilans


The team also reported on the GUARDIAN project, a socially assistive robot for frail older people and their carers.

GUARDIAN is one of 43 (inter)national projects on digital care that Vilans participates in together with more than 120 other organisations. Part of the AAL Programme HAAL project, GUARDIAN is designed to ease the burden on caregivers and family members by serving as a companion that interacts with people in the comfort of their own home.

Contact for this project:
Henk Herman

Senior advisor