HAAL strengthens co-creation with new website

The HAAL (HeAlthy Ageing eco-system for peopLe with dementia) website is online. HAAL is a collaborative project involving Dutch and international partners within the Active and Assisted Living programme (AAL) to support people with dementia, their loved ones and care professionals during the different stages by deploying multiple care and well-being technologies in an online AAL bundle.

Vilans Senior Researcher, Henk Herman Nap is the project manager and coordinator. He says the new website features the most promising solutions that have been proven effective within existing eco-systems or AAL projects.

With the HAAL project, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Denmark, and Austria are combining their strengths and experiences in supporting dementia care by developing state-of-the-art AAL technologies. Each member-country will put forward three AAL solutions that have proven to be effective within their own care eco-system. Every eco-system will adopt at least one successful solution from another country that will fit the eco-system’s demand, resulting in a package of six AAL solutions per country.

An online platform

The HAAL project will run from May 2021 to 2023. People with dementia, their relatives and the care professionals are the focal point for the testing, development and the design. During this period, the team will co-create with these groups to assess the bundle of selected technologies and learn from best practices. The expected result will be a package of AAL solutions per country supported by a HAAL cloud-based system and mobile application.

Visit the new HAAL website to find out more about solutions such as, Tipr – an innovative user-centered exergaming system for the brain and fine motor control; and WhizPad – a motion-sensing mattress.

Contact for this project:
Henk Herman

Senior advisor