Henk Nies reappointed as endowed professor

Henk Nies, Vilans Director of Strategy and Development, has been reappointed as endowed professor Organisation and Policy of Health Care. This chair is established by Vilans and is based at the Faculty of Social Sciences of VU Amsterdam, in the Department of Organisation Sciences.

Henk Nies has been endowed professor at VU Amsterdam for the past ten years and has now been reappointed to this chair for the coming year and a half, until July 2023.

Nies: “The purpose of this extension is to continue research into learning and improvement in long-term care. It is very important that not only staff, but also relatives of vulnerable clients receive good support, and that care organisations facilitate this. This is where Vilans and my colleagues at VU meet. We therefore also want to further shape the collaboration between Vilans and VU. We are using this time to prepare a renewed chair for my successor.”

Contact for this project:

Director Strategy and Development