‘How to Deliver Integrated Care’ receives a positive review

The International Journal of Integrated Care has published a positive review of the Vilans publication titled, How to Deliver Integrated Care: a Guidebook for Managers. 

The review, which was written by Wilma van der Vlegel-Brouwer and Robin Miller of the University of Birmingham, describes the publication as an accessible and informative introduction to the rationale, concepts and implementation of integrated care. They recommend the book to health care managers, professionals and researchers, saying that it presents practical solutions to common problems and dilemmas faced by health and care systems seeking to become more person centred and coordinated.

A collaborative effort of 25 authors

‘How to Deliver Integrated Care: a Guidebook for Managers’ was edited by Vilans Director of Strategy and Development, Prof. Henk Nies and Axel Kaehne of Edge Hill University. It represents a collaborative effort of 25 authors, including Dr. Mirella Minkman, Nick Zonneveld and Elize van Wijk – all from Vilans; as well as contributions from European Health Management Association (EHMA) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam).

van der Vlegel-Brouwer and Miller commend the international collaboration saying, “The authors bring credibility in their respective fields with their international spread ensuring that learning goes beyond a particular region or health system.”

The book is part of the European Health Management in Transition book series and  provides practical advice on how to implement various aspects of care integration, such as finance, digital technology and evaluation.

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