ICIC23 ‘Care in action: how to work together, a participatory approach’

Goal-oriented care and co-design with patients and caregivers are main topics of discussion at this year’s IFIC conference on integrated care. With the overarching theme ‘Care in action: how to work together, a participatory approach’, the conference brings together leaders, researchers, clinicians, managers, citizens, patients and caregivers engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care. The 3-day event is divided into five main themes. 

  • Change management implementation: macro, meso and micro level
  • Person-centred care: focus on integration of goals and needs
  • Collaboration: factor for successful implementation of integrated care
  • Engaging everybody: caring neighbourhoods and compassionate communities
  • Population health approach: leverage for integrated care.

Values mapping, change management and caring communities

CEO Mirella Minkman will chair a plenary session on Change Management and Collaboration – factors for successful implementation. She will also facilitate a workshop on values mapping with fellow Vilans researcher, Nick Zonneveld where participants will have the opportunity to perform and experience the values mapping exercise and learn more about the role of values in integrated care.

Zonneveld will also share his research during a session on Digitising Integrated Care – aligning technology to values. This will be in collaboration with the Value Aligned Digital Health Consortium, which seeks to develop a set of recommendations to inform implementation, evaluation, scale and spread of value-aligned technologies in person-centred integrated care.

Additional Vilans contributions

  • Innovative Supervision on Organizational Networks: finding the suitable scale. (Sander Merkus)
  • How caring communities become part of the health system of the future in the Netherlands. Developments, bottlenecks and impact. (Lian Stouthard)
  • Join IJIC’s journey back in time: the development of impact measurement & participation in research over the past 10 years. (Jessica Michgelsen)

People involvement and engagement

ICIC23  takes place in Flanders, Belgium from 22 – 24 May. It is co-designed with patients and caregivers and gives special consideration to papers that demonstrate active people involvement and engagement in design, implementation and evaluation. Over 1,000 global health invested practitioners, academic, researchers and students from around the world are expected to participate.

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