Learning from data: How to improve the quality of care with Omaha System data

In the Netherlands, 80% of home care organisations use the Omaha System, a standardised terminology that is recognised by the American Nurses Association to describe and measure the impact of healthcare services. OS is a research-based classification system designed to generate meaningful data following documentation of client care.

Vilans researchers have carried out an overview of several (pilot) projects with OS data in the Netherlands to provide insight into how data that is already being recorded in Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR), can be used to answer questions from caregivers about their daily work. The aim is to illustrate the importance of data and recording in improving the quality of client care.

The team will present their findings during a breakout session at the upcoming European Nursing Congress (ENC22), Future Proof Nursing: Nurses as Key Drivers of Change. The online event takes place 4-7 October and will feature presentations from international experts in the field.

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