Presentation of SUSTAIN: a success in international collaboration

The presentation video of SUSTAIN was recorded at the 18th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC), Utrecht, Netherlands 23 – 25 May 2018.

In the video, professionals discuss the advantages of international collaboration. “What is enriching in an European project where more countries are involved is that we can learn from each other, from the different ways of doing things,” says Lina Masana, researcher at aQuAs (Agency for Healthcare Quality and Evaluation of Catalonia). The project manager of SUSTAIN, Simone de Bruin, who is also a researcher at RIVM (National Institute for Health and Environment) agrees, and emphasises the advantages of international collaboration: “It struck me that the kind of issues these integrated care sites experienced and the kind of solutions they are searching for are similar.”


SUSTAIN is a European research project on sustainable integrated care for the elderly living at home. In the SUSTAIN consortium, research institutes, universities, knowledge brokers and patient representative organisations are working together in the field of care systems and care for the elderly in Europe. Nine different countries are involved, including the Netherlands, Estonia and Spain. The consortium analyses fourteen studies in the area of integrated care.

A very important year

This year is important because the consortium will deliver a number of projects. For example, the consortium is now working on a roadmap, which will provide a practical representation of all research findings. Vilans will create the visual design of the roadmap, which will focus on helping decision-makers to develop properly integrated care within their own communities. This is because research has proven that the best solutions are influenced by environmental factors.

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