Smart Glasses added to the Digital Care Knowledge Bank

Smart glasses, also known as ‘expert glasses’, are eye glasses with a built-in microphone and camera. With the application, a specialist remotely watches a caregiver in real time and provides feedback via audio or with notes on live camera. This technology is the latest addition to Vilans’ expanding Digital Care Knowledge Bank.

The glasses allow hands to be free during the care moment. Caregivers, student nurses or nurses in training can also watch for learning purposes. In some cases, information such as client background, accessories or critical functions can also be displayed on the glasses via augmented reality. The deployment of smart glasses means a new way of working which requires attention: agreement on the location of the glasses, who charges the glasses, agreeing with experts on observation conditions as well as embedding into new work processes. In the Digital Care Knowledge Bank, you can read about the hard and soft costs and benefits of this technology (in Dutch).

An infrastructure for sharing knowledge

Vilans Digital Care Knowledge Bank is a central point for sharing and retrieving knowledge about digital care. It provides an infrastructure for sharing knowledge on (best) practices, experiences with pilots (lessons learned), the design of pilots, information about the valuation of research and funding opportunities.

Together with Vilans, various Dutch organisations and universities collaborate within the Knowledge Bank such as, Alzheimer’s Netherlands, care organisation ActiZ, Zorg Nederland (Dutch healthcare insurers), as well as Hogeschool Utrecht and Meiland Training & Consult. The aim is to share their experiences and achieve unity of methodology in language and research.

Contact for this project:
Henk Herman