Technology can be an important part of integrated care

The video ‘Integrated Care and Technology’ was recorded at the 18th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC), Utrecht, Netherlands 23 – 25 May 2018.

In the video, several professionals share their thoughts on the importance of technology, “We are able to gather a lot of data on the person” says Vilans researcher, Henk Herman Nap. “When, for example a formal carer or an informal carer is not there with a client, we can get a really good idea about the person in the home by data analysis. So you can actually enhance personalised care because the data are already collected.”

Human process

But the use of technology is not without its pitfalls. This is highlighted by Robert Paauwen, founder of Tinybots: “Technology in itself does not mean anything. Health care is a human process. So we need to look at the people, their needs, their goals, and then we need to find if there is a technology that matches this and that is not always the case of course.”

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