Values mapping exercise

Do you want to improve your integrated care initiative? Get insight into the values of the stakeholders involved and the collective values that drive the collaboration. Exploring shared values, acknowledging differences in values and stepping into the shoes of the other, is an important first step to mutual understanding and common ground.

This value mapping tool provides insight into:

1. personal and professional values of people involved in the collaboration
2. values that are considered as important in collaborating partner organizations
3. collective values in the network or program

Download values map
Download name map
Download values


1. Start the exercise with examining your personal values.
2. Position the values on the map. The different boxes on the map reflect the importance of the particular value, ranging from “less important” to “important”. Please take your time; repositioning or shuffling is okay!
3. Take a digital picture of your values map and send it to the moderator.
4. The moderator combines all maps in an Excel sheet.
5. Repeat this for organizational and collective values.

How to continue?

Discuss the results of the values mapping exercise. Explicate what particular values mean to the different partners. For instance how partners apply the top 3 most important values in the collaboration and daily work. What does, for example, the value ‘trust’ mean to you, how do you apply it in your daily work and what do you expect of your collaboration partners? It is also relevant to discuss possible value tensions. How does, for instance, the value ‘efficient’ relate to values as ‘coproduction’ or ‘shared responsibility’?
Insight into collective values forms important information for the development and the governance of the initiative. Shared values on a collective level can for instance be used as a common starting point in leadership, policies and strategies. Based on the most important three values of each partner, you could agree on decision making processes. Or, if a value as ‘trustful’ is considered as important, what would this mean for bundled payments in a collaboration?

Good luck!

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