White Paper Social Business Case Medication Dispenser

Vilans has published a White Paper to offer healthcare organisations an insight into how
to compile a social Business Case (sBC) for healthcare technology. The document outlines, step by step, how the team went about compiling a sBC for the case study, Medication Dispenser. The study also provides insight into the sBC methodology from the business cases – day-structure robots and smart key solutions.

The team worked with a number of Dutch care organisations, such as the De Zorggroep, Opella, Savant and TWB who used the medication dispenser in 2019 and are considering using it with more clients. The organisations shared projections and practical experience of the potential effects of using the medication dispenser, and hope to gain more information on the costs and benefits for their own institutions. They also hope to gain additional information into the social impact in order to make the right financial choices for this application.

Medication Dispenser

The medication dispenser is used to remind the client to take the correct medication. A dispensing roll is loaded into the device where the medications are sorted into individual sachets for each dosage time. There are one or more sachets for each dose for the day. At the pre-set time, the medication dispenser gives a signal. After a push on the button, the device will dispense the medication. A care response centre and/or home care organisation will receive a notification if someone fails to take a sachet from a roll or a loose sachet of medication.

Care organisations use the medication dispenser for clients who forget to take their medication and need to be reminded to do so. This is usually due to a form of dementia or mild cognitive impairment (MCI). This way, the medication dispenser replaces the care professional in administering the medication.

The social Business Case is also available in Dutch and is a collaboration between Vilans Researchers, Liesbeth van den Berg and Henk Herman Nap, who worked with Ahmed Hamdi of the Verwey Jonker Institute. Hamdi is a specialist in the field of social return analyses, evaluations and social business cases.

Contact for this project:
Henk Herman

Senior advisor