Winners of the World JAIN Challenge announced

This year’s winners of the World JAIN Challenge bring innovations in remote monitoring and cognitive and linguistic abilities. The judges awarded the prizes to Deep Vibes – a prototype that uses an App to harness the power of memories; and Genus Home Care – a fully developed device that uses social connection and remote sensoring to monitor daily patterns of people with dementia. 

The World JAIN Challenge (WJC) is an international public competition that recognises developed or prototyped technical products and services based on Artificial Intelligence. The competition took place 23 – 24 March 2022, with the winners being announced on 6 April by Conny Helder, Dutch Minister of Long-Term Care who stated, “All product developers who participated in this World JAIN Challenge (WJC) are in the premier league with regard to creating products for people with dementia.”


DeepVibes aims to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their caregivers by developing an artificial intelligence application based on evidence-based reminiscence therapy (RT). The app stimulates conversations and records them. This enables memories to be digitally stored and easily available. The recordings are analysed with artificial intelligence technology and informs about cognitive and linguistic abilities. The review team praised the inclusion of the target group, the combination of a fun activity with a monitoring feature, the attractive look and feel and that fact that the App is available for free.

Genus Home Care

Genus Home Care helps people with dementia stay connected, monitors their daily patterns and changes in the environment, and alerts when a worrying event occurs. The device is a smart picture frame with sensors and an accompanying app. The jury panel found it to be an innovative tool and especially valued the combination of social connection and remote sensing in a user-friendly and beautiful-looking device. It has “amazing features,” as one of the reviewers who lives with dementia said. This award can help reach more people around the world and promote a good life for people living with dementia in the community.About

About the World JAIN Challenge

The JAIN Challenge combines worldwide the knowledge of people with memory problems or dementia, informal carers, and healthcare professionals to develop improvements in dementia care. The competition, which takes place biannually recognised developed technical products and services based on artificial intelligence that support the quality of life and self-reliance of people with dementia and their caregivers and reduce the workload for professionals, loved ones and family caregivers. It is organised in close collaboration with Alzheimer Nederland, Alzheimer Europe and INTERDEM – a European dementia research network.

Vilans is a partner of the World JAIN Challenge. Watch the video on YouTube.

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