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Improving the quality of care in nursing home organizations with urgent quality issues

Published on: 14-11-2023

Various societal developments are currently challenging the ability of European nursing home organizations to meet quality standards. To support these organizations throughout the Netherlands in quality improvement (QI), the Dutch government launched a nationwide programme in 2016 entitled ‘Dignity and pride’ (D&p).

As part of the programme, 36 organizations followed a tailored trajectory centred around intensive, on-site support from external expert coaches. A study, conducted by Vilans researchers and published in the BMC Health Services Research journal, looked at the extent to which quality improvements were realised in the programme, paying particular attention to the role of the expert coaches.

By the end of the study, participants confirmed that the quality of care had both improved and become more person-centred. The expert coaches were credited with substantially contributing to the QI process by offering an outsider’s perspective, bringing in experience and expertise, and helping the organization stay committed and focused.

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