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Vilans hosts Taiwanese delegation

Published on: 15-08-2023

Key challenges facing long-term care and innovative solutions to address them were among the topics discussed during a recent visit to Vilans by the Taiwanese Ministry of Health and various representatives of the Taiwanese healthcare sector. 

On location at Vilans offices in Utrecht, the visit provided an opportunity for both parties to share their experiences and lessons learned on finding innovative and sustainable ways to better organise care. Acknowledging the similar challenges faced by both countries to meet the care needs of a rapidly ageing population, Vilans experts presented a brief look at the Dutch long-term care system and offered valuable insights into the foundations of long-term care practices. They also described the key challenges facing the sector and strategies to address them.

AI driven support systems

During a presentation on innovative technology in long-term care settings, Vilans digital care expert, Nathalie Stolwijk highlighted  the integration of care technologies in developing AI-based decision support systems for care providers as well as users.

As we are facing similar challenges across the world, I think there is a lot to learn from each other in the long-term healthcare sector. Many interesting and critical questions were raised, which helped us all to reflect on the way in which we are currently doing things. Even though care contexts might differ, there seems to be some effective elements that can be helpful and shared across cultures.

Nathalie Stolwijk

Global collaboration

The Vilans team also shared their involvement in over 40 national and international projects including updates on the HAAL project (HeAlthy Ageing eco-system for peopLe with dementia), a collaboration between the Netherlands, Taiwan, Italy and Denmark that seeks to integrate proven technologies to create a data-driven ecosystem for care professionals.

It was a tremendous honour to host this delegation from Taiwan at our Vilans office. Sharing insights about the Dutch healthcare system and presenting our work was a true privilege. The exchange of ideas and experiences with our Taiwanese counterparts was enriching and inspiring, paving the way for potential collaborations in advancing care and support.

Nick Zonneveld, Vilans Senior Researcher

Dutch healthcare labor market and dementia care

The growing importance of community engagement and localised and decentralised solutions in reshaping the healthcare framework were among the topics addressed during the Q&A session. Using the current landscape and future direction of the Dutch healthcare labor market as the backdrop for the discussion, Health Economics Professor Marcel Canoy, pointed out the need for a significant paradigm shift towards community-based care. He used his extensive research this area, to frame his insights on how this transition will reshape the healthcare framework and reduce the burden on organised care.

The delegation was led by Dr. Huang Han-Ping of A+ Medicine GmbH and comprised representatives of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, as well as various organisations active in Taiwan’s healthcare sector.

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