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Vilans signs Green Deal 3.0 for 2023

Published on: 09-01-2023

We still need to be able to provide good care in the future. This is only possible with healthy people on a healthy planet. That is why Vilans Director, Erwin Bleumink signed the ‘Green Deal 3.0 – working together on sustainable care’ with a hundred other organisations in Amersfoort last December.

By signing the ‘ Green Deal – working together on sustainable care’ Vilans is once again committing to achieving a number of green objectives. These include promoting awareness and knowledge of the impact of healthcare on the environment and climate, and, as an organisation, to use resources and materials sparingly.

Spreading knowledge

‘Think, for example, about promoting positive health, sustainable employment and a healthy environment throughout the sector,’ Bleumink says. ‘As a knowledge organisation, we are not only becoming as green as possible ourselves, we are also helping healthcare providers achieve their green goals with accessible knowledge on our websites. For example, circular and socially responsible purchasing, eliminating waste of raw materials or reducing pharmaceutical residues in ground water, canals and rivers. We will share insights about this issue, as well as good examples from healthcare or other inspiring stories throughout the sector as much as possible.’

Five sustainability objectives

The Green Deal 3.0 is a follow-up to the Green Deal 2.0, in which more than 200 healthcare parties committed to sustainability in healthcare. Based on the shared sense of urgency and conviction that sustainability in the health care sector is a necessity, and that focus and more effort are needed, the parties committed to five objectives for achieving sustainable care and support:

  • More commitment to health promotion, to keep both patient/client and healthcare worker in good health for a longer time;
  • More knowledge and awareness of the impact of healthcare on the climate and the environment and the impact of climate and the environment on health;
  • 55% less CO2 emissions in 2030 compared to 2016 and climate neutral in 2050;
  • 50% less consumption of primary raw materials in 2030 compared to 2016 and maximum circular care in 2050;
  • Reducing the environmental impact of medicines.

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