Evaluation Long-term Care Act

The project, commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), focusses on the evaluation of the Long-term Care Act (elderly care and disability care). It encompasses subjects related to client support, the implementation of care plans and the cooperation between formal and informal care.

Quality of life

A special focus is put on quality of life and the ability of clients to remain as much in control of their own lives as possible. Insight is gained in the perspectives of health professionals and clients on the latest reforms and implications for the care provided under the Long-term Care Act. The strengths and hurdles provide relevant pointers for improvement.

The knowledge gained from the explorative study will result in an exposition of the state of the art of elderly and disability care in the Netherlands and will contribute to relevant improvements of long-term care delivery.

Research organisation The Netherlands Institute for Social Research

Contact for this project:
Henk Herman