I-evAALution integrated supportsystem for elderly people

Within the international research project Active and Assisted Living (AAL) many different solutions have been developed for elderly people that wish to remain independent. But more often than not those solutions only partly fill their needs. Present systems are available individually and are not incorporated. An integrated system like i-evAALution solves this problem.

One solution

I-evAALution integrates solutions that have been developed in previous AAL-projects. All functions are combined in one solution providing support covering the needs of the involved end-users. UniversAAL, an open source platform that enables seamless interoperability of devices, services and applications makes this possible.

Comfort and safety at home

By integrating different technologies, i-evAALution offers elderly people support in various areas of their daily life. The system improves comfort and safety at home, thus making it possible for the end-user to remain living independently and comfortably at home. Moreover, interoperability on the platform promotes autonomy and makes it possible for elderly to take care of themselves and others. I-evAALuation prevents social isolation. Wide support at home reassures next of kin, informal carers and professionals, therefore decreasing stress caused by care.

Watch the video below to find out more about the AAL Programme 2020.

I-evAALution targets people older than 65 who wish to remain living at home. It is also meant for informal caregivers and other people who are involved in supporting an elderly person living independently at home.

Contact for this project:
Henk Herman