A European AAL project

RESILIEN-T project

Vilans participates as Co-Design Work package Leader in the RESILIEN-T project. RESILIEN-T is an initiative that is part of the Active & Assisted Living Programme (AAL Programme) that was approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. In the project we develop, a modular mobile App. This will deliver coaching services related to nutrition, physical activity, cognitive exercises, and social relationships. It can be modified to match the user’s needs and desires for self-management and self-monitoring. RESILIEN-T can help People with Mild Cognitive Impairment become more resistant to the changes the old age brings and take better care of themselves. What do they like to do, what do they find important and why? What motivates them to think about their future? What do they dream of?

RESILIEN-T will be designed for easy and fun use with help of the experienced implementation partners, end-user organisations, research institutions and the end-users themselves.

During the RESILIEN-T Project the consortium partners will conduct a study involving a total of 150 end-user dyads in all 4 participating countries. During 12 month the RESILIEN-T system will be tested with the technical consortium partner providing support. The efficacy of the system to support self-management and its effects on the psychosocial dimensions related to quality of life and coping abilities will be deeply investigated.