2009 - 2017
Into Care
Into Care aims at improving services for clients in health care organisations in long term care.

In voor Zorg

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2015 - 2016
European Social Network
The European Social Network (ESN) is the independent network for public social services in Europe.

An exploration of current practices

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2012 - 2016
Happy Walker
The objective of Happy Walker is to develop a solution for elderly people, that sustains the...

A European AAL project

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2007 - 2013
Quality Management by...
How can care homes measure and manage improvements?

Towards Benchmarking in Residential Care for Older People

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2009 - 2012
ROSETTA supports community dwelling people to retain their autonomy and quality of life.

A European AAL project

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2005 - 2012
Care for Better
The Care for Better program focused on the implementation of improvement of quality issues.

Zorg voor Beter

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2008 - 2011
INTERLINKS aimed to construct a general framework for describing and analysing long-term care...
2002 - 2004
The project Carmen focussed on the management of integrated care at client level, organisation...

Care and Management of Services for Older People Network

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