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Frans van Zoest

“It takes a village.”

My passion is to help the healthcare sector keep pace with the future. A future in which care fits seamlessly with every person in need of care; is given by communities of professionals AND citizens; is based on health rather than disease; contributes to the need for flexibility, security, sustainability and solidarity; is paid on the basis of goals and outcomes; participates and benefits from digital transformation.

Senior Adviser and Team Leader

I lead the innovation team at Vilans. I have a Master’s in Health Science and Public Health, and am involved in numerous innovative projects: from co-designing interventions that strengthen resilience of Young Carers, trends in society that impact Long Term Care, innovative financing of falls-prevention in elderly through Health Impact Bonds, to monitoring impact of community initiatives in the Netherlands. Together with many colleagues I develop knowledge about design, impact, network and culture-oriented innovations in healthcare.

Working with colleagues from other countries, cultures and sectors is a wonderful way to challenge your horizon. Therefore, I am looking forward to engaging with colleagues who work on innovation within or outside healthcare.


  • Project leader of Dutch participation in Me-We, a H2020 project to strengthen the resilience of adolescent young carers
  • Plenary speaker at 2nd International Young Carers Conference, Malmo
  • Previous member of the Eurocarers Research Network
  • Lecturer Fundis Japan-NL exchange program
  • Participant study tour Long Term Care Japan
  • Organiser Live exchange between Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and Netherlands at conference on Elderly Care 2020.
  • Extensive experience in public health in Zambia