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About Vilans

Published on: 24-05-2024

Vilans is the national organisation specialising in knowledge management for healthcare and support in the Netherlands. We want everyone to be able to live the life they want. This includes people who are dependent on care and support. We do this by sharing knowledge.

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Through the development, exchange and application of knowledge, Vilans contributes to solving problems in healthcare and support. We do this proactively. We identify issues and put them on the agenda. Together with others, we collect, develop and share knowledge. We bring together people, organisations, practice and policy In order to accelerate the development, exchange and application of knowledge, because the healthcare sector is facing major challenges.

3 challenges

We focus on 3 challenges where we can make a difference with knowledge:

  • Putting people’s lives at the centre rather than the healthcare system.
  • Providing sustainable support and care with a reduced number of healthcare professionals.
  • Integrating technology as a logical step in support and care.

Living, working, learning, recreation and care

Participation, continuing to live at home, making your own choices and being able to take care of yourself are just as important as receiving care. That is why we consistently look beyond ‘care’ and professionals. We bring together all areas that make the lives of people who need support and care worthwhile. This includes living, working, learning and recreation.

For professionals and non-professionals

We target professionals and non-professionals because for good support and care, we will need everyone: the people receiving long-term care and support themselves, their informal carers, citizens and professionals. This is because the number of people needing support and care will continue to increase but the number of professionals will remain more or less the same.

Smart use of technology

In addition to the involvement of everyone who requires support and care, technology is very important. With the smart use of technology, professionals can use their time more efficiently. Technology also helps improve quality of life.

Join Vilans in making life better for people who need support and care. Read our Strategic Direction 2022-2026. And let us know if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you!

Vilans is mainly funded by the Dutch government. The organisation is well-known in the Netherlands for running large scale, nationwide implementation programs, such as the National Dementia Program (in which in 90% of the Dutch regions integrated care networks were set up), the Care for Better Program (around 700 organisations participated in this quality improvement program) and Up to Care! (transforming more than 460 long-term care organisations into sustainable organisations).

  • Read about our Knowledge Infrastructure (see downloads below)