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Nick Zonneveld

“Integrated collaboration to meet the needs of citizens.”

Due to decentralisation – governments, healthcare organisations and health insurers are faced with important strategic choices. I believe that an integrated view is needed to really be able to meet the needs of citizens and to organise appropriate care and support together.

Senior Researcher

I am a health services/health system researcher with a Master’s in Public Administration from Erasmus University (2011). I’m also currently a PhD candidate at Tilburg University/TIAS and am involved in several international and national research projects on governance and organisation of integrated healthcare and social care. My work focuses on underlying values and principles of integrated health and social care. In that context, I examine inter-sectoral and inter-organisational collaboration in integrated service delivery.

Because issues in different areas of life are often intertwined, we should not look at them in isolation. Integral, multidisciplinary collaboration often yields better results. In practice, however, integrated cooperation is often still a challenge. I enjoy working with organisations on improvements and new integrated forms of cooperation, from administrative level to professionals in the community. I make use of my practical experience and results from research.


  • Research in collaboration with the World Health Organisation: Exploring the values of integrated care stakeholders across Europe.
  • The cross-European InCARE project: Supporting INclusive development of community based long-term CARE services through multistakeholder, participatory approaches.
  • Comparative studies on the Dutch and the Scandinavian health systems (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland).
  • The cross-European research program SUSTAIN (Horizon 2020), focusing on sustainable, tailored, integrated care for older people in Europe.
  • Integrated social services in Europe: this research project focuses on how local public services are working together to improve people’s lives, both across sectors (health-care, social care, employment) and across Europe. Carried out in collaboration with the European Social Network (ESN).

Recent international publications

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