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Johan van der Leeuw

“People with dementia – at home longer.”

With dementia, admission to a nursing home is inevitable at some point in the process. With a combination of home automation (domotics) and care, it has been shown that it is possible to postpone admission. After admission, domotics can reduce the use of restraints and bed rails. I am committed to improving the technology for this and applying it in practice.

Senior Researcher

Dementia technology: I am working on the further development and roll-out of technology for people with dementia and their care. This involves technology for people living at home with dementia, with or without an admission order, and for their partners or other informal carers.


  • Developed the UAS technology with TNO, which is now on the market after 9 years of development.
  • Supported and advised various care organisations in the use of home automation for people with dementia.
  • Inform more than 50 care organisations about home automation and remote care with the Knowledge Circle Home Automation of Vilans.