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Mirella Minkman

Prof. Dr. Mirella Minkman is a distinguished Professor of the Innovation of organisation and governance of integrated care and the Chief Exective Officer of Vilans. She has extensive experience in the field of health care organisation, integrated care, collaboration and networks and the innovation of governance. Her research focuses on how to organise and govern person centered and integrated care and welfare in our highly dynamic environment.

Expert areas: Integrated care, integrated service delivery, governance, network governance, long term care, innovation, person centered care

Integrated care

As the health and welfare domain is a subject to structural changes and transformation, clients, professionals and boards are correspondingly confronted with challenges that have become increasingly complex. Mirella Minkman’s studies focus on what ingredients are essential and present in the organisation and the government of integrated care, how they can interact and develop over time and what innovative concepts are possible and effective.

In this video Mirella Minkman talks about her field of expertise (video: TIAS School for Business and Society).


Mirella Minkman studied nursing at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, followed by Health Sciences at Maastricht University. In 2012 she obtained her PhD from Erasmus with her research ‘The development model of integrated care, for which she won the EHMA/Karolinska Research award.’ Since 2016 she is an endowed professor at Tilburg University/TIAS.

Elder Care

Mirella is also a Board member of the International Foundation for Integrated Care and was the vice chair of the Board during 2017-2020. She also is a member of a number of national committees like the Scientific Advisory Board of the Association of Supervisors in Health Care and she is the chair of the National Committee on the Innovation and Governance in Health Care. Before her CEO position of Vilans she was the Director of Innovation and Research at Vilans and led large scale implementation programs such as Zorg voor Beter and the National Dementia Program. Before her work at Vilans, she worked as a senior researcher/advisor at Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement CBO and in the Radboud University Medical Center as a registered nurse. Alongside her position at Vilans, she is member of the supervisory Board of RIBW Brabant and the Rivierenland Hospital in Tiel. Mirella is Board Editor for the International Journal for Integrated Care and the author and co-author of multiple books and articles in the field of her expertise.


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