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Rian van de Schoot

“We have passed the stage of ‘It cannot and should not be done.”

I believe in the transition to working more locally. With respect for what is already there. If it cannot be done locally, you must be able to scale up to the city or regional level. After all, the municipality is not the holy grail. My ambition is to bring parties together to arrive at the best solution.

Director Advice and Implementation

There is a great deal of knowledge about healthcare in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this knowledge does not always reach the people who can really do something with it. I want to bring valuable ideas where they belong. It’s not about books and stories, but mainly good practical examples.

No community is the same. Each neighbourhood requires a different solution for bringing together formal and informal care. We should not only look at how many people need care, but specifically who will provide that care. What is the role of volunteers and associations? What does the healthcare professional do, but also what not? And what do citizens themselves do?


  • MHA, Health / Health Care Administration / Management. Research master into the role of Brabant municipalities in the decentralisation of the AWBZ (Algemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektekosten or General Law on Exceptional Medical Expenses) into the Social Support Act.
  • Familiar with the changing legislation and regulations surrounding the AWBZ and Health Insurance Act and knows how to interpret the relationship for care providers and municipalities.
  • As a substantive process supervisor, I bring parties together in the complex field of the local social domain and know how to take steps towards collective, sustainable solutions.