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Xandra van Megen

“I am fascinated by the added value that technology can have in improving healthcare.”

The best application lies mainly in putting people at the centre. This can be the client, care worker, family, administrator, insurer, etc. Involving the right target group early in projects ultimately ensures the creation of well-founded decisions and (design) solutions.

Researcher Health Technology and eHealth

In order to be active in this world it is important to acquire and master knowledge in a short space of time. Because of my drive, sincere interest and curiosity, I am able to quickly understand complex subjects and translate them in a clear manner for different target groups. In addition, I know how to transform research results into practical resources for the benefit of users. The social satisfaction I get from working for Vilans, in combination with my drive to implement innovative solutions responsibly and the opportunity to keep learning, make me feel right at home here.


During my study, Industrial Design and Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University, Delft, I developed a strong interest in the world of healthcare. I fully realised the importance of human-centered design. I was also taught the necessary research and design methods such as co-creation, interviews, user research and literature research. I use these skills often during my work.