Nick Zonneveld, Msc., is a researcher at Vilans. He has a background in Public Administration & Organisational Sciences and experience in the areas of health and social care. Nick is involved in national and international projects on integrated health and social care, interorganisational collaboration and governance of care.

  • The cross-European research program SUSTAIN (Horizon 2020), focusing on sustainable tailored integrated care for older people in Europe;
  • Integrated social services in Europe: this research project focuses on how local public services are working together to improve people’s lives both across sectors (health care, social care, employment) and across Europe. Carried out in collaboration with the European Social Network (ESN).
  • Inter-organisational care needs horizontal governance: a research project on the development of collaborative networks of public, health and social care organisations, and the implications for their governance structures.
  • Special Interest Group Values and Principles of Integrated Care: Vilans and the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) have initiated an international Special Interest Group (SIG) with the aim of developing a workable set of underlying principles for person-centered integrated care. The SIG consists of researchers, policy makers, practitioners and client representatives from multiple countries.

Recently, Nick has started working on a PhD-thesis at TIAS/Tilburg University. His thesis focuses on underlying values and principles of integrated health and social care. In that context, Nick examines intersectoral and interorganisational collaboration in integrated service delivery. In order to include an international perspective, a connection with the international Special Interest Group is made.

Recent international publications Nick Zonneveld
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