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Dignity and pride Program

Published on: 22-04-2024

In 2016, the program ‘Dignity and pride (D&P), loving care for our elderly’ has started. The program is initiated by the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and the TaskForce D&P. Dignity and pride is aimed at improving the quality of long-term care. It has explicit attention for strengthening the position of clients and care professionals. The program is specifically focused on nursing homes.

Nursing homes

One of the components of the program Dignity and pride is to give nursing homes who have the ambition to excel more space. This way, they could develop best practices which improve the quality of care and which could function as examples for the entire nursing home sector.

Thematic groups

The component Dignity and pride, more space for nursing homes is assigned to Vilans. 169 nursing home facilities (with more than 750 locations) participate in this part of the program. The participants work on their improvements in thematic groups, and are supported by so-called theme coordinators. The themes range from ‘client central’, to ‘Quality of Care’, ‘cross domain financing’, and ‘Food Safety – HACCP’.

Quality of nursing homes

Also part of Dignity and pride, more space for nursing homes is the support program Quality of nursing homes. This support program is aimed at improving the quality of care in approximately 75 nursing homes (locations) where are urgent quality problems, as determined by the Healthcare Inspectorate or the director of the nursing home.

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