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POSTHCARD – helping caregivers deal with patients with dementia

Published on: 30-04-2024

POSTHCARD (PersOnalised SimulaTion Helping Caregivers to Cope with AlzheimeR Disease) is a learning platform for formal and informal caregivers that teaches them how to interact with Alzheimer patients and people with dementia.

In many care institutions and home situations, caregivers are often confronted with  patients with dementia but often lack the specific training on how to respond. This can quickly lead to exhaustion and creates stress for both the carer and the patient. The POSTHCARD platform will help enhance the quality of care and improve the work conditions for care givers by simulating real life situations to help caregivers practice their reactions. In the simulation, users will be able to choose from various responses when interacting with the patient and gauge the success of their approach. Each simulation will be personalised to reflect the characteristics of different situations to help users find an appropriate strategy to reach their goal.

Vilans Researchers, Dr. Henk Herman Nap is coordinating the project, together with University Hospitals of GenevaAlzheimer NederlandConnectedCare and other partners.

Another important feature is that you can adjust the game to different stages of dementia. The game is also linked to the knowledge of dementia (care) for people who are seeking more in-depth or background information.

Dr. Henk Herman Nap

POSTHCARD is a three-year project which started in 2018. It is being developed in co-creation with users and care givers and, upon completion, is expected to be available to customers and stakeholders such as family caregivers, home-care institutions, retirement homes and health insurance institutions.

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