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Vilans Hulpmiddelenwijzer

Published on: 04-07-2024

The Vilans Hulpmiddelenwijzer (Vilans Assistive Products Guide) is a valuable resource for anyone looking for reliable information about assistive products and tips for performing daily activities with functional limitations.

Goal: The goal of the Vilans Hulpmiddelenwijzer is to provide people with reliable and practical information on how they can (continue to) perform daily activities, either through assistive products or (occupational therapy) tips.

Website: On, everyone can find reliable and practical information about hundreds of assistive products. In addition, the website offers useful tips on how to perform certain daily activities when someone has a functional limitation.


  • Discovering Solutions: The Vilans Hulpmiddelenwijzer helps discover solutions that might assist in performing daily activities.
  • Advice for Selection: The Guide provides information on what to consider when choosing assistive products or (occupational therapeutic) tips.
  • Next Steps: Offers advice on possible next steps after selecting an assistive device.

User Statistics: The website is consulted an average of 70,000 times per month.

Development and Collaboration: The Vilans Hulpmiddelenwijzer is developed with funding from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The website has no commercial interest and provides only reliable information. The knowledge on the site is collected and compiled in collaboration with occupational therapists and other experts from about thirty partners in healthcare and government. The Vilans Hulpmiddelenwijzer exchanges ideas and insights with several European partners.

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