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New infographic: Technology for Dementia at Home

Published on: 10-02-2023

The infographic, “Technology for Dementia at Home” provides an overview of available technologies for people living at home with dementia. This resource has been updated and translated into English.

The infographic allows users to easily see which technology is suitable for whom at which stage of dementia. It also shows who is involved in using the technology: the person living with dementia, informal caregivers or professional caregivers.


Vilans Digital Care Expert, Henk Herman Nap explains why the update was necessary: “There’s been an increase in technologies for people with dementia so it was time to update the Vilans infographic. It provides a science-based overview of available technologies per each stage of dementia.”


Vilans Researcher, Sima Ipakchian Askari adds: “From the literature, we see that it can sometimes be beneficial to implement care technology earlier, for example to detect deterioration in health at an earlier stage and adjust care accordingly. In the new version of the infographic, we have also incorporated that there are nuances regarding the length of time it takes to deploy care technology. Depending on the needs and abilities of a person with dementia, a care technology could potentially be used earlier or longer.”


View the updated English version of the infographic, “Technology for Dementia at Home”.


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