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The Time is Now, but mind the gaps: communities, governance, implementation

Published on: 12-07-2023

The current stress experienced by many countries on their healthcare systems increases the urgency for a more coherent and integrated approach to care and community support. Supported by the increasing body of knowledge in this area of expertise, the movement towards integrated care is now stronger than ever. International bodies point out the need to focus on person- and community-centred integrated care. The WHO frameworks plus knowledge collected by the International Foundation of Integrated care and the abundance of practice and research experiences worldwide, highlight the vital elements, preconditions and lessons learned.

In this IJIC editorial, Vilans CEO Mirella Minkman explores the main obstacles that slow down progress in integrated care and shares her take on what she considers to be effective ways to bridge the gaps between what is and what could be.

Although contexts differ and must be taken into account, it is no longer arguable that elements such as enhanced coordination, goal-driven and domain overarching collaboration and supportive governance structures need to be implemented.

Mirella Minkman


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