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Vilans Theme: Digital Care; overview of activities

Published on: 05-10-2023

Digital care is an important and topical theme that Vilans is actively working on. It supports the well-being and health of citizens and eases the workload on healthcare professionals. Therefore, the use of data plays an increasingly important role. Digital care offers many possibilities for both elder and disability care. For this reason, within Vilans, a team of over 40 people is working on the theme in various programmes and projects.

Current Activities

Within the theme a number of focus areas are central: Co-design, Data-driven care and Evaluation. To future-proof long-term care, we are working within the various focus areas on activities to accelerate the deployment of digital care. For example, knowledge sharing in various forms and making knowledge applicable through methods and tools. Within various projects and programmes we are working together on the implementation and evaluation of existing applications, as well as innovation in digital care. And, together with our international partners; we are working on the knowledge of tomorrow!

  • Read about Vilans Digital Care activities and projects in our brochure.


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