Vilans is the national Centre of Expertise for long-term care in the Netherlands. Together with clients, relatives, healthcare professionals and other partners, we work to offer the right knowledge on long-term care – in the right place, at a personal level and tailor-made.

In this field, Vilans engages in innovation and research, the development and dissemination of information and implementation of best-practices.

Access to quality care that is meaningful and affordable is paramount if people with long-term care needs are to lead their best possible life. Together with knowledge and policy partners, we develop innovative and practice-oriented knowledge through programs and projects. We are collaborative – connecting practice, research, education and policy through knowledge. As a national knowledge organisation, we carry out assignments at the request of the government. We also work for healthcare providers, insurers, municipalities and other organisations. We share this knowledge with those who need it and others who work with people that require long-term care.

Our guiding principles

  • The client is central.
  • Healthcare professionals, clients and loved ones are equal partners.
  • Different types of care are compatible with others and with the needs of clients.
  • Together we can do more.
  • Technology helps us further.

Focus and direction

Vilans is responding to a number of developments and challenges that are being faced by the healthcare sector. Society consists of an increasing number of older people who continue to live independently at home longer. People with long-term care needs often have more complex problems that require a multidisciplinary approach that transcends different domains. This requires understanding what people need and find important. Healthcare costs are rising and demand is growing, while the shortage of healthcare personnel continues to increase. Organising differently and innovating are necessary to continue to guarantee and improve the quality of care. We are helping (care) organisations and professionals to modernise and improve long-term care with knowledge as an engine of innovation.

We focus on the following 3 areas within our programs and projects:

• Person-oriented work: offering meaningful care with people as the starting point, that means organised around the client. • Quality of care and effectiveness: offering care providers support with legislative compliance and regulations, working on the basis of quality standards and other factors. • Digital transformation: providing knowledge on technological possibilities in order to work smarter and more people-oriented so that more time is left for healthcare.

Healthcare in the Netherlands

The philosophy underpinning the Dutch healthcare system is based on providing accessible, affordable and quality care. The system has been shaped by a number of historical trends, developments and social conditions. The Dutch government has overall responsibility for setting healthcare priorities; introducing legislative changes when necessary; and monitoring access, quality and costs in the system. The municipalities are responsible for overseeing some healthcare services, including preventive screenings and outpatient long-term services. The Ministry of Health’s role is to safeguard the quality and cost of healthcare through policy rather than managing it directly.

Information Dissemination

Information Dissemination

Vilans is well-known in the Netherlands for running large scale and nationwide implementation programs, such as the National Dementia Program (in which in 90% of the Dutch regions integrated care networks were set up), the Care for Better Program (around 700 organisations participated in this quality improvement program) and Up to Care! (more than 460 long-term care organisations have been transformed or are currently transforming to become sustainable organisations). Vilans has participated in several EU projects, as scientific director (CARMEN, FP 5) and as a participant in INTERLINKS and PROGRESS. Vilans has large digital dissemination expertise.


Director Strategy and Development

The people of Vilans

van der Leeuw

Senior Advisor Care Technology


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Senior Advisor Knowledge


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van Megen

Researcher Health Technology and eHealth


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Researcher eHealth


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van de Schoot

Director Advice and Implementation


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van Zoest

Senior Advisor and Team Leader


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