2019 - 2022
RESILIEN-T project
Vilans participates as Co-Design Work package Leader in the RESILIEN-T project. RESILIEN-T is...

A European AAL project

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2020 - Current
Certification-D project for people...
The Certification-D project supports SMEs in North-West Europe (NWE) that develop and market...

Interreg project

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2019 - 2019
In MagicTABLE we want to increase the ‘happy moments’ during the day of people with dementia....

A European AAL project

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2018 - 2021
Free Walker
Vilans participates in the European AAL Free Walker project. Elopement and becoming lost are...

A European AAL project

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2018 - 2020
Me-We wellbeing of...
Me-We strengthens the resilience of adolescent young carers.
2018 - 2020
I-evAALution integrated...
I-evAALution integrates solutions that have been developed in previous AAL-projects.
2017 - 2020
EWare improves lifestyle
The AAL project eWare ‘Early Warning (by lifestyle monitoring) Accompanies Robotics Excellence’...

A European AAL project

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2016 - Current
Dignity and pride Program
Dignity and pride is aimed at improving the quality of long-term care.

Loving care for our elderly

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