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Certification-D project for people with dementia

Published on: 22-04-2024

The Certification-D project supports SMEs in North-West Europe (NWE) that develop and market innovative, reliable, self-determined home living products for people with Dementia. This increases the SMEs turnover, competitiveness and job creation. In collaboration with partners from research and care institutions, SMEs, associations and People with Dementia, design standards will be developed. Together with a certification company, new and existing products for People with Dementia will be evaluated and certified. Following the project’s completion, enterprises in NWE will be able to work and develop further in this area.


The main outputs of this project are: an improved innovation network, a certification process and test mark, 24+ products, services or processes tested in Living Labs, 30+ SMEs supported by the project partners, and an ongoing cooperation of companies, research institutions, care providers, People with Dementia and caregivers in NWE.

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In the future, business and PwD lobby associations will recommend the certified products, and ask for and value these reliable standards.

The certification body and the Living Labs of the partners will form the basis of a European Dementia Living Labs Alliance supported and financed by the certification of further products, and post project, will expand the customer base to all People with Dementia, who live at home.

Funding amount: € 2.23 million
Overall budget:   € 3.71 million

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